Duchamp ($21.55)
Duchamp ($21.55)
Modigliani: Anna Akhmatova, tshirt
Modigliani: Anna Akhmatova, 1911 ($30.33)
henri matisse
Blue Matisse ($31.42)
malevich tshirt, art tshirt
Malevich ($21.55)


keith haring, haring tshirt, pop art tshirt
Lucky Haring (Keith Haring) ($43.33)

I know what you’re going to say, “Art belongs into a museum”, with a serious face, as if you had an understanding of the entirety of art. But just hold on a second, while I explain to you why wearing art on your clothing is cool.

1) First of all, wearing art means taking an artwork for a walk. You’re basically a walking billboard, showing something good instead of an ad for a detergent (Note to self: Although this idea will also be worth exploring). Of course I’m not reducing you to a billboard, I’m just saying that if you’re about to carry message, why not a good one?

picasso tshirt
Picasso ($43.33)
mondrian tshirt, art tshirt
Mondrian ($31.95)

2) Second of all, wearing art means having art close to your body. Feel the power of an idea, bare millimeters apart from your skin! This is the maximum physical presence you can get. This is a good exercise in mindfulness.

Shredded Mona Lisa ($21.55)
Shredded Mona Lisa ($21.55)
gustav klimt, klimt tshirt, art tshirt
Klimt ($21.55)

got art tshirt, art tshirt
Got Art? ($43.33)
fernando botero, botero tshirt, art tshirt, taurus tshirt
Botero ($21.55)

But there's more.

Versace Tshirt
Versace ($43.33)

* * *

3) Third of all, carrying an art reference is cool. It will immediately make people think you’re smart. Not only will it impress your peers, but it will get them talking to you about the art you’re presenting them on your clothing. This can be priceless on first dates or if you’re shy.

* * *

picasso tshirt, art tshirt
Neon Picasso ($31.95)

Wearing art will get you beyond representing fashion brands, and turn your personal style into something more. Just imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, somewhere in a public bathroom, and admiring the art, instead of adjusting your tie or judging the state of your face.


Think about brands. The city you live in is a brand. Your favorite baker is a brand. The things you wear are a brand, even if each of them is by different brands. Anything can be a brand as long as there’s a consistent identity.


With art you add another dimension to all of this. Art has no limits. Fashion does.

michelangelo tshirt
Neon Michelangelo ($30.54)
picasso tshirt, art tshirt
White Picasso ($41.17)

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